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DocuSeal, a free document signing alternative

• Written by Kriti Pinto

DocuSeal is an open source document signing platform where you can create, upload and sign documents for free forever.

We believe in trust, transparency and that basic document signing should be free. That’s why we built DocuSeal - an open source document signing alternative. We created a Basic free plan that supports multiple document signers, user management, automatic eSignatures, notification emails and more for an unlimited number of documents.

We also offer premium features for businesses on top of document signing such as company logo, automated reminders, user roles and more. We can also personalize your document signing experience with custom email domains using which you can connect your Gmail and send emails from name@yourcompany.com. Visit our pricing page to find more.

We value your time so we built a lightning-fast web UI. You can enter your email and start creating documents instantly. Our powerful PDF form builder allows you to create complex PDF forms in a mobile friendly format. You can send multiple documents to multiple signers via email and text.

Sign documents for free

No trial or credit card required.

Why are we unique?

Existing applications like DocuSign, AdobeSign, and PandaDoc are complex, slow and outdated. They operate by serving the demands of corporate entities leaving behind a significant segment of users. Their pricing model is confusing and their implementation is unnecessarily complicated. We wanted to create a product that is accessible for everyone, from individuals and small businesses to enterprises.

But you don’t need to take our word for it listen to a happy DocuSeal customer:

I was using DocuSign until yesterday when I realized it was not at all meeting my needs which was being able to send people a simple name/signature documents, which I thought was hilarious given I was paying them. DocuSeal has already been better than Docusign so I’m switching to DocuSeal

- Brian Lee | Accountant

When we thought about the best product to compete with existing document signing solutions we realized we could offer unlimited basic document signing for free. This is also something unique that we do.

Your data, your control: We want you to be able to host your own data without having to rely on third parties. That is exactly what you can do with our on-premises option. You can rely on your own security measures to keep your data safe. This makes it much easier to comply with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2 and other security and privacy standards.

We want you to be able to sign documents from anywhere and anytime. Our mobile friendly approach allows you to sign documents on the go. With a step-by-step guide you can easily understand the next steps without having to zoom in or squint. With our intuitive UI mobile the signature process is effortless.

Why developers ❤️ us?

We have carefully implemented our API and Webhooks to be developer friendly to significantly ease the integration process. This allows engineers to integrate DocuSeal into existing applications much more quickly than with legacy solutions. Our HTML to PDF feature allows you to create beautiful documents with familiar technologies. Integration JavaScript widget is the easiest way to embed document signing into an application that doesn’t already have it. Our extensive documentation in place also guides developers in every step of the way.

What Lies Ahead?

We are absolutely dedicated to making DocuSeal the #1 document signing platform. Document signing doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. We are building towards that goal one feature at a time.

We encourage everyone with feedback or suggestions to join our incredible GitHub and Discord community. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sign documents for free

No trial or credit card required.