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We're building a flexible, open-source alternative to mainstream digital document signing platforms. Dive into our journey and the insights we've gathered on this blog.

Why we're bootstraping an Open-source DocuSign alternative

What is the best way to do a start-up: VC-funded or bootstrapped? There is no distinct answer to this question. You should follow the path that fits your goals for your company.

Why are eSignatures legally binding?

In the digital age, paperwork has taken a back seat, thanks to the advent of electronic signatures or eSignatures. We get asked about the validity of the eSignatures a lot from our customers and prospects. In this blog post, we'll explain eSignatures and why they carry significant legal weight and how we comply with the regulations in the US and EU.

DocuSeal, a free document signing alternative

We believe in trust, transparency and that basic document signing should be free. We created DocuSeal for you to upload documents with multiple signers, user management, automatic eSignatures, notification emails and more for an unlimited number of documents.

Creating Fillable PDF Document Forms with HTML

In the realm of digital document management, the process of signing can often become tedious and inconsistent. Especially when dealing with personalized documents like rental agreements, it's crucial to maintain structure while accommodating unique details. This is where the DocuSeal HTML API comes into play, offering an automated solution to create and sign tailor-made documents using the familiar territory of HTML.