Document Signing API

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DocuSeal provides a powerful and easy-to-use API to implement eSigning automation workflows for businesses. Try it now for free, no CC required.


Utilize the power of our REST API for seamless integration and outstanding performance.


Enhance your workflow with our reliable webhooks for real-time data updates and automation.


Create fillable document forms using our HTML API with precise and rich styling capabilities.


Discover the capabilities of our API, designed to effortlessly integrate data, automate tasks, and simplify document signing and processing.


Load and modify existing document templates. Move them into folders or archive.


Create new submissions to request signatures and load data about completed submissions.


Analyse document signing events for each individual submission.


Download signed documents via URLs provided by the API.

Group up


Collect real-time events and enhance your document signing workflows by building automations with our robust and reliable webhooks.

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HTML to PDF Form

Try the convenience of our HTML to PDF form API, reducing the time for creating unique and personalized documents.

  • Pixel-perfect positioning of fields.

  • Simple styling with CSS.

  • Complex layouts made easy with HTML.

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API Pricing

Sandbox Testing
/ document
Free unlimited API and Embedding for testing
Get Started
Production Pro Plan
/ document
Per document signed via API or Embedding, upgrade to Pro plan to start
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Does $20/user in the Pro plan mean $20 per recipient that signs the document?

No. By user we mean the Web UI seat for a user who needs access to the DocuSeal's app with their email and password to send/manage documents or to access the API key.

How does DocuSeals API and Embedding pricing work?

DocuSeal provides API and Embedding features as a part of the Pro Plan. In order to get the license keys for API and Embedding you need to purchase at least one Pro seat which is $20/month.

Below are some examples on how API pricing works. The pricing is based on the number of documents signed.

Example 1:

You are a SaaS business looking to implement document signing capabilities for your app as a part of the onboarding process. You expect 200 documents signed by your clients per month.

Your monthly pricing would look like this:

Pro $20/user/month: $20
200 API documents signed/month: 200 documents * $0.2 = $40

Total monthly cost = $20 + $40 = $60/month

Example 2:

You're developing document signing for 5 of your clients. For each client you want to provide a separate tenant admin account with their own password and full access to the DocuSeal app with API keys and Webhook URL settings. You expect to sign 1000 documents per month from 5 clients in total.

Your monthly pricing would look like this:

Pro 1 Super Admin - $20/month
Pro 5 Tenant Admin - $20 * 5 = $100/month
1000 API documents signed/month = $0.2 * 1000 = $200/month

Total monthly cost = $20 + $100 + $200 = $320/month

Is the API pricing per document based on the number of documents signed?

Yes. API pricing is based on the number of documents signed. If the document is signed by multiple parties it still counts as one signed document.

How does support for API and Embedding work?

We can help you with DocuSeal Integration and Embedding. We are very responsive so you will usually hear from us in a few hours via email or Discord.

Is API and Embedding available on-premises?

Yes, all DocuSeal integration features are available both on-premises and in the Cloud.