Configuring with environment variables

Environment variables are optional and can be omitted if you prefer to configure the app via the settings UI.

General Configuration

  • DATABASE_URL - The URL for connecting to the database.
  • SECRET_KEY_BASE - A secret key used for various security purposes in the application. Can be generated with openssl rand -hex 64.
  • FORCE_SSL - Set to true to enforce SSL.
  • HOST - The domain name for your application.

SMTP Configuration

  • SMTP_USERNAME - The username for the SMTP server for sending emails.
  • SMTP_ADDRESS - The address of the SMTP server.
  • SMTP_PORT - The port number for the SMTP server.
  • SMTP_DOMAIN - The domain used in the HELO command.
  • SMTP_PASSWORD - The password for authenticating with the SMTP server.
  • SMTP_AUTHENTICATION - The authentication method for the SMTP server (plain or login).
  • SMTP_FROM - Email address to send emails from.
  • SMTP_ENABLE_STARTTLS_AUTO - Pass false to dissable STARTTLS. Enabled by default.

AWS S3 Configuration

  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - The AWS access key ID for S3.
  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - The AWS secret access key for S3.
  • AWS_REGION - The AWS region where the S3 bucket is located.
  • S3_ATTACHMENTS_BUCKET - The name of the S3 bucket for storing attachments.

GCP Storage Configuration

  • GCS_CREDENTIALS - JSON string containing GCP credentials.
  • GCS_PROJECT - The GCP project ID.
  • GCS_BUCKET - The name of the GCP Storage bucket.

Azure Cloud Configuration

  • AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME - The name of the Azure Storage account.
  • AZURE_STORAGE_ACCESS_KEY - The access key for the Azure Storage account.
  • AZURE_CONTAINER - The name of the Azure Storage container.