Can I edit a PDF after signing it?

Editing a PDF after it has been signed with a digital signature is generally not recommended. If you need to edit a signed PDF, the usual practice is to make the necessary changes to the original document and then re-sign it.

Here are some reasons why editing a signed PDF is not recommended:

  1. Integrity of the Document: A digital signature secures the document’s content. When you sign a PDF, a cryptographic hash of the document is created. This hash is unique to the document’s content at the time of signing.
  2. Invalidation of Signature: If any changes are made to the document after signing, the cryptographic hash will change. This will automatically invalidate the digital signature, as the hash the signature was based on no longer matches the document.
  3. Legal and Compliance Reasons: For legal and audit purposes, altering a document after it has been signed can be problematic. The whole purpose of a digital signature is to attest that the signer agrees to the content as it was at the time of signing.

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