What is an audit trail in a PDF signature?

An audit trail in the context of a PDF signature is a crucial feature that provides a detailed history of the signing process and document handling. This trail is essential for verifying the integrity of the document and the validity of the signatures.

Here’s what an audit trail typically includes:

  1. Document Creation Details: Information about when the document was created and by whom.
  2. Signature Timestamps: The exact times and dates when each signature was added to the document.
  3. Signer Identification: Details about each signer, including their identity and the method used for authentication.
  4. Document Modification Records: Any changes made to the document before and after each signature, ensuring that the document hasn’t been altered in an unauthorized manner.
  5. Signature Validity Information: Details about the validity of each signature at the time of signing, including the status of the signer’s digital certificate.
  6. IP Addresses and Device Information: Records of the IP addresses and possibly device information from which the document was accessed or signed.
  7. Email and Notification Logs: Logs of any email notifications or alerts sent during the signing process.

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