Quick start


  1. Once you have logged in to DocuSeal click on Upload to upload a docx/pdf document.
  2. After the file is uploaded, you can create a template with the required fields before sending it for signature.
  3. You can drag and drop fields from the panel on the right. In the example you can see a template with 2 text fields, 1 date field and 1 signature field.
  4. You can add multiple documents to the same template by clicking on Add Document to the left of the panel (highlighted below).

You learn more about document customizations here. Upload Document


Once the template is created you can click on Send to add recipient(s) and send the document.

You have a few options to send:

  1. Send document via Email/Phone(text): Your recipient will receive an email/text which will include access to the document that needs to be signed. You can customize the email message and the SMS message via Settings -> Personalization from the dashboard. Click on Add Recipients to complete the sending process (see below).
  2. Upload a list: You can send a document for signature to multiple recipients in bulk from the CSV or XLSX file import. You can learn more about it here.
  3. Share a document via Link: You can also send a document for sharing via Link. Read more about how to achieve this here.

If you are the only signer on this document, you can click on the Sign Yourself button. You will be navigated to the fields you will need to fill and sign. Click on Submit to complete the document. Add Recipients

If you have BCC’d recipients on the submission, they will automatically receive the signed copy after the submission is completed. You can BCC recipients to a submission by clicking on the Submission -> Preferences. A modal window will pop up where you can enter the BCC recipient’s email address. Template Preferences

If you are both the sender and the signer you can click on Sign now to fill out the fields that are assigned to you to be completed. Once it is completed by you, the document will be ready to be filled, signed and completed by the other party. Sign Now Button

A document can have multiple parties as signers. You can learn more about how to add multiple signing parties here.

Sign in-person: Sometimes your business use case might be to sign a DocuSeal document in-person. You can find more information about it here.

After Sending the Document

After a document is sent for signature you can keep track of the document in 2 ways in the DocuSeal dashboard:

Clicking on the particular document template that was sent. You will be taken to the submissions page where you can view the status (sent, opened, awaiting, completed) of the document. Template View

You can also view all the submissions in the Submissions tab. You can also see submissions filtered by Pending or Completed. You have the option to search a submission by its name or by the signer. You can also see the timestamp of when the submission was sent. Submissions View

Once a document has been signed and completed by all parties you as a requestor will receive an email notification with the completed document and the audit log (if you have turned on the Email Notification as below). You can also view the completed document in the Submissions tab in the DocuSeal dashboard by clicking on the View button.

Reminders: If a signer hasn’t signed the document yet, reminder emails will be sent out at the cadence that is set in your DocuSeal account. You can set up to 3 email reminders. Email notifications

Signature Certificate

Once the document is signed by all the parties a Signature certificate (audit log) will be generated. You can view the Audit log by clicking on the completed submission. You have the option to download the audit log as a separate PDF or as a combined pdf along with the signed document. Document Preview

Signature Certificate indicates that a document has been accepted and signed. A signature certificate includes:

  • Envelope ID
  • Signer(s) emails
  • Signer(s) signature
  • Signer(s) IP address, User agent
  • Timestamps of when the document was sent, viewed, submission process started & completed