Use tagged DOCX with fields

With DocuSeal it’s possible to upload Word DOCX files with text field tags to automatically create templates with fields ready for signature. These tags serve as placeholders within the document, to be automatically replaced with fillable and signable document fields.

This feature is available in the Pro plan

Text field tags can contain the following attributes:

  • name - name of the field in the document form.
  • role - signer role name. Specify different names in case the document contains multiple signing parties with their own set of fields (optional).
  • default - default field value to be used in the template (optional).
  • required - set required=false to make the field optional. Fields are required by default.
  • width - width of the field in pixels. This attribute is optional, text tag width will be used for the field width by default.
  • height - height of the field in pixels. This attribute is optional, font size height will be used for the field height by default.

Field attributes should be separated with semicolon (;) with attribute value specified after the equal (=) sign: {{DOB;type=date;role=Customer;required=false}}. Use Italic font variant for text tags to ensure seamless fields recognition in the document. Tagged DOCX The DOCX file from the screenshot above will be converted to a template with form fields: Form fields

Use this link to download a DOCX file with tag examples. You can find more text tag examples in the list below:

{{Field Name}} Text field
{{Amount;type=number}} Number field
{{Sign;type=signature}} Signature field
{{Initial;type=initials}} Initials field
{{DOB;type=date}} Date field
{{Date;type=datenow}} Read-only signing date
{{Photo;type=image}} Image upload field
{{Documents;type=file}} Files upload field
{{type=checkbox}} Checkbox
{{Radio name;type=radio;options=Opt1,Opt2}} Radio select field
{{Select name;type=select;options=Opt1,Opt2}} Select field
{{type=stamp;readonly=true}} Stamp field (non-interactive)
{{type=phone;required=true}} Phone 2FA field